Accomplishments 2016 to Present

Reduced the number of collisions in the park, from an average of 25-30 collisions prior to 2016, to only 6 collisions in 2016!

  • Partnership with State Senator Steven Glazer and Assemblywoman Catherine Baker
  • Traffic Engineering Survey of North Gate, South Gate and Summit Roads per CalTrans standards
  • Implemented Roadway Striping and Signage Plan as indicated by Survey, according to CalTrans standards

  • Installed DO NOT PASS BIKES ON BLIND CURVES (35) signs, AVOID CRASH SLOW DOWN (35) signs and applied Sharrows every 1/2 mile in ascending lane
  • Mandatory Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory  all motorist entering the Park
  • Mount Diablo App, free to all park visitors, volunteers and staff
  • Mount Diablo Cyclists Facebook Group: 720 members
  • Bike Turnouts: Livermore Overlook, Curry Point and North Gate Road
  • Bike Repair Stations (Eagle Scout Project): Junction, Summit and S/G Kiosk
  • Cyclist donated Bike Rack at Summit
  • Created a Mount Diablo Bicycle descending technique 
  • Formed Cyclists Volunteer Pot Hole Repair Team to repair roads and trim vegetation
  • Celebrated these accomplishments with an Official Ceremony on October 7, 2016: recognizing State Parks officials, local legislators and Mount Diablo Cyclists