This is a Tale of Unyielding Resolve to Prevent Collisions and Safe Lives on the Roads of Mount Diablo: "In the grand tapestry of history, never underestimate the power of a determined few to reshape the world; indeed, it is the only force that ever has." Mission: improve the safety for cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians on the roads of Mount Diablo State Park.





Consider this:
1. If Mount Diablo Cyclists (MDC) didn't exist, would Bike Turnouts have been created? The answer is a resounding NO!

2. Without the dedicated efforts of MDC and Senator Glazer, who included $1,500,000 in the State Budget and an additional $754,793.48 raised by MDC, would Bike Turnouts have received financial support? Again, the answer is a firm NO!

3. Could the realization of 67 Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo's roads have occurred without the establishment of Mount Diablo Cyclists (MDC)? Once more, the answer is a clear NO!

4. Would the 2016 Signage and Stripping Plan, which required $360,000, have been implemented without the influence of MDC? The unequivocal answer remains NO!

5. Would the series of Safety Improvements initiated from 2016 onwards have been conceptualized and executed if MDC hadn't existed? Once again, the answer is a resounding NO!

The odyssey of Safety Enhancements and the birth of Bike Turnouts traces back to 2010. As we ascended the mountain's slopes, we found ourselves in the company of fellow cyclists, listening intently to their harrowing tales of "Near-Death" experiences. It became painfully evident that visitors to the park were recklessly overtaking ascending cyclists on blind bends, narrowly avoiding collisions with descending riders. Reports and videos of Near-Miss Bike vs. Vehicle encounters submitted to Park Rangers, Supervising Ranger, and the MDSP Superintendent were met with a chilling response: "If we didn't witness it, there's NOTHING we can do." Inquiries to California State Parks about actual Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions were met with dismissive remarks, blaming cyclists and dismissing concerns.Months elapsed, revealing a grim reality: Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions were not merely anecdotes but alarming realities.

Yet, State Parks remained inert, failing to analyze the causes or enact safety measures. The San Ramon Valley & Contra Costa Fire Departments became frequent visitors to Mount Diablo, responding to medical emergencies almost biweekly. Helicopters from CalStar - Reach and others were frequent sights, ferrying injured visitors to hospitals. Despite our persistent queries, State Parks exhibited a deafening indifference towards cyclists' safety on Mount Diablo's roads.

In 2014, Mount Diablo Cyclists emerged as a response to California State Parks' callous disregard for cyclist safety. Near-Miss incidents and actual Collisions were escalating, yet State Parks remained inert, unwilling to address the looming danger.

In a revelation, we discovered discrepancies in the park's visitor count. Despite assurances to the contrary, Park Aides were indeed tallying cyclists' entries, relegating them to insignificance. Armed with evidence, we demanded transparency through Public Records Act Requests, unearthing startling truths about visitor numbers, which painted a stark picture contrasting State Parks' narrative.

Media outlets echoed our concerns, highlighting the growing peril on Mount Diablo's roads. Yet, promises of change remained unfulfilled, met with bureaucratic inertia and excuses. Undeterred, we escalated our efforts, engaging with elected officials and media, rallying public support, and presenting petitions. The tide turned when we presented Traffic Collision Reports to State Senator Steven Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker in 2015, exposing the imminent danger lurking in Mount Diablo State Park.

Their bipartisan advocacy spurred action. Funding was secured in 2016 for a comprehensive Road Striping and Signage Project, aligning with Caltrans standards, heralding a new era of safety enhancements. Despite these strides, uphill battles persisted. State Parks balked at further improvements, prompting renewed advocacy efforts.

On December 1, 2017, Senator Glazer and Assemblywoman Baker intervened, urging immediate action on the installation of Bike Turnouts. Their letter spurred swift action, leading to the installation of ten new Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo at a nominal cost, a testament to the power of collective action.

In the face of bureaucratic hurdles and indifference, Mount Diablo Cyclists persevered, transforming perilous roads into safer thoroughfares, a testament to the adage: "Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world."

On April 2, 2015, we submitted a Public Records Act Request to State Parks for all Traffic Collision Reports from 2005 to the Present. On April 17, 2015, we received 112 Traffic Collision Reports from 2010 to the Present (4/17/15). According to Park Leadership: "(we) recommend contacting the California Highway Patrol to get a complete picture of all of the collisions on Mount Diablo State Park." Therefore, we worked with the California Highway Patrol and discovered that a collision was occurring on these roads approximately every two weeks. 

We identified the "commonality factor," the majority (80%) of ALL types of collisions were occurring on or near blind curves. That equated to 25-30 collisions per year!  Unfortunately, according to Public Records Act Requests, Park Leadership did not conduct any analysis of the Traffic Collision Reports from as far back as 2005 until April 30, 2015.

We showed Park Leadership our analysis and offered to work with them concerning the 112 Traffic Collision Reports. We asked them if they met regularly to analyze Traffic Collision Reports or had implemented any safety recommendations.  According to Park Leadership, "a Ranger fills out the Traffic Collision Report, it's reviewed by the Supervising Ranger and Park Superintendent, and then filed in a cabinet in Clayton." We even contacted the California Highway Patrol and arranged for Park Leadership to learn how to analyze Traffic Collision Reports hoping they would implement safety improvements.

According to our research, there is no evidence that Park Leadership meets annually to collectively analyze Traffic Collision Reports. According to Park Leadership: "we just don't have the staff or the time to analyze them." According to Park leadership: "that's how it's always been and we see no reason to change."

Public Record Act Requests: Unfortunately, California State Parks has not been willing to openly share public documents with the public. As a result, we have submitted numerous Public Records Act Requests.

 In 2016, Park Leadership told us: "we made a mistake giving you (April 17, 2015) the 112 Traffic Collision Reports for 2010 to 2014. We will not provide any more Traffic Collision Reports for Mount Diablo State Park."

On April 4, 2016, we submitted a Public Records Act request for Traffic Collision Reports(CHP-555), all vehicle and/or bicycle collisions from 2014 to the present. The 49 TCRs were not received until 10/20/17, 18 months later, and only after State Parks received a letter from King & Spalding LLP.   

 On August 8, 2017, we submitted a PRA request for MDSP Park Aide Schedules and received the documents 68 days later on 10/13/17.


On October 7, 2014, we published the Mount Diablo State Park, Free Day Use (cyclists) Report, which was reviewed and edited by the MDSP Superintendent.

    • According to this report: "Mount Diablo State Park (chart below) has been significantly under collecting and under-reporting by tens of thousands the number of park visitors (cyclists: road/mountain bike) from 2008 to 2014.


    • According to State Parks policy, "Conversion factors should be established anew twice a year, on the assumption that there will be significant differences between figures relating to the recreation season and the offseason." Mount Diablo State Park should "make a survey in the same manner as described for Paid Day Use," per California State Parks, Departmental Notice No. 96-24.
    • If an accurate process were implemented to collect Free Day Use (cyclists) data, the true number would be closer to 150,000, not the reported 103,804 for 2013/14. 
    • Publishing true and accurate Free Day Use (cyclist) historical data is essential for many reasons: it's the foundation for State Park and elected officials to make informed budgetary decisions concerning local State Parks and the overall Park system.
    • Since 2014, we have asked for a report of an accurate count of Free Day Use (cyclists).  To date, that report still has not been provided.



In addition, the only evidence we've discovered that Park Leadership implemented any safety improvements to prevent collisions from 2005 to 2015 was a sign. DMC (Diablo Multi-Sport Connection), a woman's cycling/swimming/running club initiated and funded two permanent and two sandwich board signs (8/16/13). All Park Leadership did was install the signs in the ground.

Since 2015, we have met numerous times with Park Leadership and requested we work together to analyze Traffic Collision Reports. According to the Bay Area News Group(7/31/15), "Indeed, the accident reports understate the injuries. That's because accident victims often get transported off the mountain before the incidents are reported to park rangers." As of March 2018, Park Leadership has not seemed interested in collaborating to analyze the 161 Traffic Collision Reports from 2010 to 2017.

In addition, Park Leadership told us they are not interested in working together to locate the 161 Traffic Collisions Reports on a Google Map. This would allow State Parks to identify the most dangerous curves where collisions repeatedly occur and perhaps install Bike Turnouts to prevent injuries and possible fatalities. We have made this request since 2015.

Frustrated by what we felt was a lack of sufficient concern on the part of State Parks, we met with State Senator Steven Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker in 2015. We showed them the Traffic Collision Reports, 24 of which documented Bike vs Vehicle Collisions. They quickly recognized a clear and present danger to Mount Diablo State Park visitors.

As a result of their bipartisan leadership and the support of the public and the media, California State Parks was then pressured to begin implementing significant safety improvements for cyclists and motorists on Mount Diablo.

In 2016, funding was found to implement a Road Striping and Signage Project on the roadways of Mount Diablo, engineered according to Caltrans standards. According to the Bay Area News Group (10/2/16): "It's a welcome reversal from the foot-dragging just a few months ago." The new safety improvements of the project include: DO NOT PASS BIKES ON BLIND CURVES (35 signs), AVOID CRASH SLOW DOWN (35 signs), Bike Sharrows every ½ mile in the ascending lanes, additional STOP signs, revised warning/speed signs and Solid Double Yellow centerlines.

In February 2017, we met with Park Leadership to discuss safety issues and near-miss collisions which occur frequently at blind curves. Uphill-bound motorists were still crossing the Solid Double yellow centerline to pass cyclists, with the possible result being a serious injury or fatality. However, we were told, " State Parks has done enough to improve the safety on Mount Diablo and we are not going to do anymore." As a result, we once again reached out to elected officials, local media created a website, distributed a Bike Turnout Petition (1700 signatures), met with local organizations, and gathered public support.

On Dec 1, 2017, State Senator Steve Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker sent a letter to Lisa Mangat, Director, California Department of Parks and Recreation requesting, "working to develop a plan to implement the overall bike turnout program in Mount Diablo State Park." In addition, "immediate installation of the 10 to 11 bike turnouts that have been mutually identified by Mount Diablo State Park Leadership and Mount Diablo Cyclists." According to the letter; "these turnouts can be installed by sweeping away rocks and debris and painting existing asphalt for under $5,000." On Feb 1, 2018, 10 New Bike Turnouts were installed/painted on Mount Diablo for a total cost of only $5,000!

Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory

    • According to Park Leadership and supported by responses in our Motorists Surveys: "most motorists entering the Park have never been to Mount Diablo before and are unaware that they will share the narrow winding roads with hundreds of cyclists."
    • According to Channel 7 News I-Team Investigation (10/23/15): "motorists are unaware of the over 369 curves, many of them sharp blind curves.
    • According to Channel 5 News (9/13/16): "the beautiful ride on Mount Diablo can be dangerous, even deadly" and "greater challenge just staying alive."
    • According to a State Park Report published in 1991: "over 90% of the vehicles observed crossed over the centerline to negotiate the curves."
    • According to California State Parks, the attendants at the North and South Gate kiosks are required to read the Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory to all drivers entering the park. Unfortunately, Park Aides are NOT reading the Mandatory Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory to drivers.
    • According to the Contra Costa Times (10/4/15): "Rangers must provide unambiguous admonitions to every driver."

  • According to a Public Records Act Request, North and South Gate Kiosks were Not Staffed during the following hours that the Park was open between 8 am and sunset for 2016 & 2017:




Unstaffed Hours












South Gate




































    • It is also unfortunate, according to Park leadership, that most of these motorists who enter the Park before the kiosks are staffed do not stop to pay the entrance fee.
    • In addition, there is no one available to make changes, answer questions, or give directions.
    • The Park frequently opens its gates between 7:15- 7:30 am. On many weekdays, Park Aides are not on duty at the North or South Gate Kiosks until 8 am.  Even on weekend days, when the kiosks are staffed at 8 AM, there is still a gap of 30-45minutes when motorists may enter the Park before an Aide is on duty.
    • Therefore, thousands of drivers enter the Park every year without hearing the mandatory Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory. Thus they are unaware of the difficult nature of the roads, and the fact that many cyclists will be sharing those roads with them.
    • According to the Bay Area News Group, there have been "countless Near-Misses."
    • According to a Channel 7 news story, some cyclists report (10/23/15): "near-misses every third ride."
    • We believe there are significantly more Near-Miss Collisions on days when the Kiosks are not staffed and the Verbal Motorists' Safety Advisory is not given to drivers.
    • We have discussed the staffing and Near-Miss Collision issues with Park Leadership since 2014.


According to a Public Records Act Request, MDSP has an estimated annual loss in revenue of over $100,000 per year.

    • Park leadership has said: "the Parks FY 2017/2018 budget for Park Aides is sufficient to fully staff the North and South Gate kiosks for the entire year."
    • Mount Diablo Cyclists has also presented different staffing solutions to Park Leadership, including simply increasing the number of volunteer hours, thus avoiding any additional cost to the Park.
    • In addition, we have suggested applying for funds from the State Parks Revenue Generation Program.
    • Park leadership has assured us that providing the Safety Advisory to all motorists when the Park is open is a high priority.

Park Leadership and Mount Diablo Cyclists worked together from 2016-to 2017 to design and install three Bike Turnouts as a pilot study. Bike Turnouts allow a cyclist pedaling uphill to move slightly to the right, thereby allowing a motorist to pass safely without crossing into the downhill lane, and possibly colliding with a descending cyclist.

    • Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions, especially on blind curves.
    • The majority of collisions occur on or near-blind curves.
    • They are typically only 100-150 feet in length, and relatively inexpensive to construct. Comments from motorists and cyclists were very favorable; motorists do not have to cross the centerline into the wrong lane to pass a cyclist, and cyclists do not need to pull off the road onto the dirt and gravel in order to allow a driver to pass.


    • Following a review of these positive experiences, 10 additional Bike Turnouts were installed in February 2018. Cost $5,000. These required only painting. Anecdotes and surveys from drivers and cyclists alike and video images taken at these turnouts all support the increase in enjoyment and safety already experienced by many with the advent of the Bike Turnouts.




48 Potential Bike Turnout Locations!

On September 1st & 7th, 2017, Park Leadership and Mount Diablo Cyclists identified 48 potential locations for Bike Turnouts. In December 2017, Park Leadership added an additional 29 locations, for a total of 77. We believe that the ultimate goal of preventing Bike vs Vehicle Collisions, and the potentially fatal consequences thereof, more than justifies the investment.

Many of these potential Bike Turnouts locations are where past collisions (160+) have occurred and will occur again if we do not act quickly to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo.

    • When in 2018 will State Parks install 10 additional Bike Turnouts on the most dangerous blinds curves?
    • When will State Parks install permanent signs at the 13 existing Bike Turnouts?
    • When will State Parks approve and fund the MDSP Bike Turnout Plan?