MDSP Warning Letter to Motorists: Near-Miss Bike vs Vehicle Collisions, Crossing Solid Double Yellow Lines, Passing Cyclists on Blind Curves and 3ft Rule.

Over the years, significant numbers of cyclists have reported aggressive motorists to park rangers. The park ranger usually says “there is nothing I can do unless I see it.” As a result, the cyclist usually rides away still angry with the motorist who nearly hit him and disillusioned with the park ranger for his lack of concern for his safety. We believe it’s time to break this cycle and implement a MDSP Warning Letter Policy similar to the CHP Warning Letter Policy. This would provide park rangers with an innovative and effective prevention tool to educate motorists, reduce aggressive driving behavior, near-miss collisions and actual collisions between Bikes vs. Vehicles.

CHP Warning Letters (simple below) are used throughout the CHP Golden Gate Division and have proven extremely effective, in reducing unsafe driving behavior. How to report an unsafe driver to Mount Diablo State Park (MDSP):

1.  Send an email to Ryen Goering, Public Safety Superintendent (925) 455-7876 and also to Eddie Guaracha Diablo Range District Superintendent (925) 447-0426,

2. Tell them you wish to report an unsafe driver, and give them:

  • The license plate number
  • The location, date and time
  • A description of the behavior(s) you consider unsafe
  • Include video or photo if you have it
  • As many of the following as possible: vehicle make, model, and driver description

3. State that you want a Warning Letter sent to the registered owner of the vehicle observed driving in an unlawful manner

4.  Be prepared to keep resending your email and calling them until they respond. Remind them that Law Enforce agencies throughout California use Warning Letters! Please share their response on Mount Diablo Cyclists Facebook.