Motorist Survey

Mount Diablo Cyclists has conducted multiple surveys of cyclists and motorists visiting Mount Diablo.  We believe that the responses to the survey questions provide valuable insight into the observations and opinions of both user groups.  This feedback helps guide the recommendations that are made to State Parks on behalf of both groups.

In 2017 we asked 100 Motorists:

    1. Is this your first visit to Mount Diablo; majority: Yes
    2. Did you know there would be so many bicycles on the roads of the Park; majority: No
    3. Did you know that the roads are narrow and winding, with lots of blind curves: majority; No
    4. How many bicycles did you pass as you drove up the mountain; 25-30 bicycles
    5. Did you cross solid double yellow lines to pass some bicycles; 95% said Yes
    6. Do you think Bike Turnouts would allow motorists to pass bicycles without crossing the Solid Double Yellow lines; 100% said Yes
    7. How wide and long should a Bike Turnout be on a blind curve for you to safely pass a bicycle: majority: 5ft wide & 50-100ft long

In January 2018, Park leadership again agreed to contribute to the questions posed in the next Motorist Survey. However, there was no response to an email, a phone call, and then a personal meeting; no input to the proposed next survey was offered.  An additional email was written, and two phone calls were made to Park leadership in February, but to no avail: the promise to contribute to the Motorist Survey remains unfulfilled. 

Therefore, Mount Diablo Cyclists plans to continue with surveys of motorists and cyclists, compile the data, and post it on this website