The majority of motorist have never been to the Park before and are unaware of the narrow-winding roads with over 300 curves, and hundreds of Cyclists. As a result, many of them pass cyclists on blind curves. Kiosk attendants are required to give the Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory to every motorists entering the Park. Please let us know if this safety message is being provided.

Mount Diablo State Park Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory 

Approved by Park Superintendent: Dec 2016 (videos added)

    • Welcome to Mount Diablo State Park
    • Please be advised that you will encounter numerous bicycles on our narrow roads.
    • Only pass cyclists at designated passing lanes, or when the bicyclist pulls off the road.

    • If a bicyclists waves you around, do not pass unless there is sufficient visual clearance.
    • Obey all posted speed limits
    • Be cautious of descending cyclists and pedestrians on our roadway.

  • Expect delays
  • Take you time and drive safely
  • Enjoy your visit