According to a Public Records Act Request: North and South Gate Kiosks were Not Staffed during the following hours that the Park was open between 8am and sunset for 2016 & 2017

Unstaffed Hours




South Gate












  • It is also unfortunate, according to Park leadership, most of these motorists who enter the Park before the kiosks are open do not stop to pay the entrance fee.
  • In addition, there is nobody to make change, answer questions or give directions.
  • The Park frequently opens the gates between 7:15- 7:30am. On many weekdays, Park Aides are not on duty at the North or South Gate Kiosks at all, or arrive at 10AM.  Even on weekend days, when the kiosks are staffed at 8AM, there is still a gap of 30-45minutes when motorists may enter the Park before an Aide is on duty.
  • Therefore, thousands of drivers enter the Park every year without hearing the mandatory Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory. Thus they are unaware of the difficult nature of the roads, and the fact that many cyclists will be sharing those roads with them.
  • According to the Bay Area News Group, there have been "countless Near-Misses."
  • According to a Channel 7 news story some cyclists report (10/23/15), "near-misses every third ride."
  • We believe there are significantly more Near-Miss Collisions on days when the Kiosks are not staffed and the Verbal Motorists Safety Advisory is not given to drivers.
  • We have discussed the staffing and Near-Miss Collision issues with Park Leadership since 2014.

MDC Junction Display Removed and Disassembled!

We cannot express how disappointed we were to find out on Saturday (2/17/18), that the Supervising Ranger returned to work after ten days leave and arbitrarily removed, and disassembled the Mount Diablo Cyclists Display at the Junction Ranger Station. The MDC Display had been approved by Park Leadership on 2/5/17 for the months of February and March.

In addition, without our permission, the Supervising Ranger used our poster in his display (photo below), covering up Which gave the impression that State Parks created and funded the Mount Diablo Bike Descending Technique Poster!

The Definition of Interpretive: serving to instruct or enlighten or inform, which is exactly the purpose of the MDC display! In addition, the synonyms for interpretive: graphic, explanative, illustrative and instructive describe the MDC display!

Mount Diablo Cyclists Display

Supervising Ranger Display

We submitted a Public Records Act Request to California State Parks on April 12, 2016.

It took 18 months, King & Spalding LLP and a possible lawsuit to finally receive 49 Traffic Collision Reports (2014 to 10/23/17)

We were told by Park Leadership in 2016; “we made a mistake giving you the 112 Traffic Collision Reports for 2010 to 2014. We will not provide any more Traffic Collision Reports for Mount Diablo State Park.” Unfortunately, it took 18 months and the Law Firm of King & Spalding sending a letter to State Parks; “No later than close of business on Friday, October 20, 2017, please confirm you will comply with the above requests. Although we wish to resolve this matter amicably, we will initiate court proceedings to enforce, Mr.*** right to obtain copies of the requested records." (We will publish the analysis soon). (See the King & Spalding letter below)




































Here's one of the New Bike Turnouts being used. by two cyclists! Turn up the volume and enjoy the music in the car as it passes two cyclists on a Blind Curve! Special Thanks to all the members of Mount Diablo Cyclists for supporting Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo!

Feb 1, 2018 was a historic day on Mount Diablo!

Ten Bike Turnouts were installed/painted: Total cost $5,000!

Special Thanks to State Senator Glazer, Assemblywoman Baker, Ryen Goering and Monte Rowan for their leadership to install Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo! We now have 13 Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo. According to Ryen Goering, Park Superintendent and Monte Rowan, Chief of Maintenance: “This is just the beginning. We are in the planning stages to install up to 64 more paved Bike Turnouts and we hope to send these plans up to Sacramento for approval." We have a long way to go, but with your continued support Bike Turnouts will be installed on Mount Diablo. Thanks for all your advice and support to improve the safety for cyclists and motorists on Mount Diablo!

"Shami 500th!" Joe Shami (83yrs young) completed his 500th consecutive weekly ride up Mount Diablo on Jan 14th. That's every week for the last 9 yrs and 32 weeks! Joe talked the entire way as he visited with over 50 cyclists who accompanied him. It was a very special day on the mountain. You meet the nicest people on Mount Diablo.

News Years Day 2018 on Mount Diablo! Approximately 700-800 cyclists rode up the mountain! WOW! The majority of vehicles were bicycles! Great day and perfect weather for the 1st Annual MDSP Safety Event! Special Thanks to the Park staff, volunteers and all the visitors who rode, walked or drove up to the Summit! You meet the nicest people on Mount Diablo!

Dec 11, 2017: Mount Diablo Cyclists and California State Parks had an outstanding meeting concerning Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo! We all agreed; the 10 Bike Turnouts with existing pavement need to be painted ASAP. In the mean time; please use these Bike Turnouts, move right, spin and allow vehicles to safely pass you. Special Thanks to Ryen, Vince and Monte for their collaboration to improve the safety for cyclists and motorists on Mount Diablo! Together, we are reducing injuries and collisions! (photo: Monte Rowan, Gregg Sorensen, Ryen Goering, Vince Anibale, and Al Kalin)

MDSP/MDC Meeting Summary (Mitchell Canyon Office)(Dec 11, 2017)

  1. Bike Turnouts
  • 3 paved Pilot Bike Turnouts; 10 Paint-Only Bike Turnouts
  • Painting – MDSP awaiting third bid; target date 1/31/18
  • Signs: Ordered; additional “Bike Turnout Ahead” signs will be placed where appropriate
  • Maintenance – MDSP may buy street blower; volunteers can manually sweep – MDSP Maintenance will coordinate
  • Publicity – MDC will use website and social media to strongly encourage use of Bike Turnouts. MDSP will use website and advise motorists directly at kiosks (see below)
  • Survey – MDSP will survey Park visitors to include questions regarding effectiveness of Bike Turnouts
  • Future Bike Turnouts – MDSP studying identified locations that would require grading and paving, and exploring funding sources
  1. Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory
  • A revised VMSA was drafted. MDSP will finalize and distribute soon to kiosk staffers.
  • Kiosk staffers will be instructed in optimal, personal delivery of the new message
  • MDSP will prepare large signs displaying the VMSA or similar safety messaging to post at each kiosk, particularly for motorists who enter when the kiosk is not staffed
  1. Kiosk Staffing
  • MDSP is actively recruiting Paid Park Aides and Volunteers
  • Part-Time positions include partial shifts
  • MDSP will post advertisements for Paid and Volunteer positions on the MDSP website and any social media platforms
  • Recruitment is a challenge due to compensation that is significantly less than many entry-level jobs
  • Additional locations for advertising were discussed: local shopping centers, libraries and businesses
  • MDC will assist in advertising, using website and social media, and can help with distribution of recruitment material produced by MDSP or State Park

Dec 1, 2017: It's our great pleasure to share this letter from State Senator Steven Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, concerning Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo. Your elected representatives should be commended for their bipartisan leadership!

Over 1600 Signatures on the Bike Turnout Petition! Please sign/share the petition to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo. 

Petition: Install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo