"Shami 500th!" Joe Shami (83yrs young) completed his 500th consecutive weekly ride up Mount Diablo on Jan 14th. That's every week for the last 9 yrs and 32 weeks! Joe talked the entire way as he visited with over 50 cyclists who accompanied him. It was a very special day on the mountain. You meet the nicest people on Mount Diablo.

News Years Day 2018 on Mount Diablo! Approximately 700-800 cyclists rode up the mountain! WOW! The majority of vehicles were bicycles! Great day and perfect weather for the 1st Annual MDSP Safety Event! Special Thanks to the Park staff, volunteers and all the visitors who rode, walked or drove up to the Summit! You meet the nicest people on Mount Diablo!

Dec 11, 2017: Mount Diablo Cyclists and California State Parks had an outstanding meeting concerning Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo! We all agreed; the 10 Bike Turnouts with existing pavement need to be painted ASAP. In the mean time; please use these Bike Turnouts, move right, spin and allow vehicles to safely pass you. Special Thanks to Ryen, Vince and Monte for their collaboration to improve the safety for cyclists and motorists on Mount Diablo! Together, we are reducing injuries and collisions! (photo: Monte Rowan, Gregg Sorensen, Ryen Goering, Vince Anibale, and Al Kalin)

MDSP/MDC Meeting Summary (Mitchell Canyon Office)(Dec 11, 2017)

  1. Bike Turnouts
  • 3 paved Pilot Bike Turnouts; 10 Paint-Only Bike Turnouts
  • Painting – MDSP awaiting third bid; target date 1/31/18
  • Signs: Ordered; additional “Bike Turnout Ahead” signs will be placed where appropriate
  • Maintenance – MDSP may buy street blower; volunteers can manually sweep – MDSP Maintenance will coordinate
  • Publicity – MDC will use website and social media to strongly encourage use of Bike Turnouts. MDSP will use website and advise motorists directly at kiosks (see below)
  • Survey – MDSP will survey Park visitors to include questions regarding effectiveness of Bike Turnouts
  • Future Bike Turnouts – MDSP studying identified locations that would require grading and paving, and exploring funding sources
  1. Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory
  • A revised VMSA was drafted. MDSP will finalize and distribute soon to kiosk staffers.
  • Kiosk staffers will be instructed in optimal, personal delivery of the new message
  • MDSP will prepare large signs displaying the VMSA or similar safety messaging to post at each kiosk, particularly for motorists who enter when the kiosk is not staffed
  1. Kiosk Staffing
  • MDSP is actively recruiting Paid Park Aides and Volunteers
  • Part-Time positions include partial shifts
  • MDSP will post advertisements for Paid and Volunteer positions on the MDSP website and any social media platforms
  • Recruitment is a challenge due to compensation that is significantly less than many entry-level jobs
  • Additional locations for advertising were discussed: local shopping centers, libraries and businesses
  • MDC will assist in advertising, using website and social media, and can help with distribution of recruitment material produced by MDSP or State Park

Dec 1, 2017: It's our great pleasure to share this letter from State Senator Steven Glazer and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, concerning Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo. Your elected representatives should be commended for their bipartisan leadership!

Over 1600 Signatures on the Bike Turnout Petition! Please sign/share the change.org petition to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo. 

Petition: Install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo