BREAKING NEWS! Historic Ceremony – 48 Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo, Curry Point.  11 AM, October 15, 2022. You’re Invited to Join Us!  The Agenda for the Event will soon be posted here. The Plan is for three Local Elected Representatives, one State Parks Rep, and one Mount Diablo Cyclists Rep to speak (3min each). The Ceremony will be approximately 30mins. Please Stay for the Group Photo after the Ceremony. Curry Point is approximately 3.5 miles up South Gate Road. There will be two Public Parking areas (Map Below). A Park Shuttle Van will pick up every 10mins. Bike Racks and Special Guest Parking will be at Curry Point (Map Below). Special Thanks to TREK Bicycle for providing a Repair Van with two bike mechanics, and bike racks. We expect a Large Crowd and Bay Area Media Coverage. So, arrive early! Please tell ALL your friends and Cycling Clubs.

Bike Turnout Ceremony Poster(JPEG) OCT 15, 2022 -CURRY POINT-MDSP

On July 18, 2022, a contractor will begin installing 30 Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo. I would ask everyone to take a moment and pause and reflect upon your contribution to this historic accomplishment. This has truly been a Team Effort by thousands of people throughout the Bay Area!

Bike Turnouts were created by the Tenacity, Persistence, and Determination of Mount Diablo Cyclists Leadership and the Support of Elected Representatives, California State Parks, the Media, and the Public. Bike Turnouts allow a cyclist pedaling uphill to move slightly to right, thereby allowing a motorist to pass safely, that is, without crossing into the downhill lane, and possibly colliding with a descending cyclist.

Bicycles represent 60% of All vehicles on the roads of Mount Diablo. Last year over 150,000 cyclists rode up Mount Diablo. According to Public Records, 36 Bike vs Vehicle Collisions occurred from 2010 to 2021 (Map below). In addition, Near-Miss Bike vs Vehicle Incidents occur frequently on the Roads of Mount Diablo. As a result, Bike Turnouts were created to Prevent Collisions and Save Lives.