When is the Park Open?

Many cyclists would like to enter the park at first light for a variety of reasons.  Some want to get in a ride before going to work, while others would like to commute to work through the park.  Others want to beat the heat during the summer months.  Many want to get their ride started before the park roads get crowded on weekends.  Mount Diablo Cyclists support these riders.  Not only do the individuals benefit by earlier access, but the Park benefits by reducing Bike vs. Vehicle collisions and Near-Miss Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions.

The posted park opening hour is 8:00 am.  Often, park gates are opened before this time.  The Supervising Park Ranger has told Mount Diablo Cyclists that “he considers the park open once a gate is open.  If you get there before 8 and the gate is open, you may enter the park.”  If the gate is closed and you enter, you may be stopped by a ranger.

Mount Diablo Cyclists has encouraged park leadership to consider earlier opening hours.  Many state parks open at Sunrise or 7am .  We continue our conversations with park staff in the hopes that they will allow access prior to 8am.