Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce the number of collisions, serious injury and possible fatalities!

  • Analysis of 24 Bike vs Vehicle Collisions (2010-2014): occurred on or near Blind Curves.
Bike vs. Vehicle Collision: Mount Diablo, South Gate Road, July 2016
  • According to Park leadership, “if the number of non-reported paved road collisions involving bike vs vehicles were included, the number of collisions would be significantly higher.” 
  • Bike Turnouts allow motorists to stay in their lane on Blind Curves, without crossing Solid Double Yellow lines while safely passing an ascending cyclist and not hitting a descending cyclist.

  • Three Pilot Bike Turnouts have been installed: Livermore Overlook (above), Curry Point and North Gate Road.
  • According to Park Leadership, “we support Bike Turnouts, we want more. They have been overwhelmingly successful.
Livermore Overlook Bike Turnout
  • Bike Turnouts are supported by the State Senator Steven Glazer, Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, Mount Diablo State Park staff and volunteers,  Bike East Bay and other cycling organizations, motorists, cyclists and the California Highway Patrol.
  • Multiple surveys of drivers and cyclists identify Bike Turnouts as the critical next step in preventing Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions.

What Is Needed ?

    • According to Park leadership, “Ten locations with sufficient pavement for Bike Turnouts already exist on the mountain.”
    • They only need to be swept and painted: Total Cost $5,000. 
    • Why hasn’t State Parks spend this small amount of money for a huge investment in saving lives?

  • Park Leadership has identified 35-40 additional Bike Turnouts over the eighteen miles of roadway on Mount Diablo.
  • When will State Parks authorize construction of these Bike Turnouts?