Bike Turnout Videos

Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce the number of collisions, serious injuries, and possible fatalities!

  • Mount Diablo State Park (MDSP) and Mount Diablo Cyclists worked together in 2016 to design and install three Bike Turnouts as a pilot study. Bike Turnouts allow a cyclist pedaling uphill to move slightly to the right, thereby allowing a motorist to pass safely, that is, without crossing into the downhill lane, and possibly colliding with a descending cyclist.
  • Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions, especially on blind curves.
  • The majority of collisions occur on or near blind curves!
  • They are typically only 100-150 feet in length, and relatively inexpensive to construct. Comments from motorists and cyclists were very favorable; motorists do not have to cross the centerline into the wrong lane to pass a cyclist, and cyclists do not need to pull off the road onto the dirt and gravel in order to allow a driver to pass.

Livermore Overlook Bike Turnout