Brians Bike vs Vehicle Collision Mount Diablo State Park!

On May 2, 2018 (noon), Brian was riding up Summit Road, when a vehicle started to pass him on the left as it crossed the Solid Double Yellow Line (last curve below the Summit Parking lot). At that moment, two cyclists were descending and the motorist pulled back into Brian’s lane hitting him on his left side knocking him to the ground onto his right side! Brian is bruised, sore on his left and right side and, has difficulty walking this morning!

1.) A cyclist notified the Park Aide working in the Summit building. According to a witness: “the Park Aide did not notify (radio) a Park Ranger that the collision had just occurred. The Park Aide did not come out of the building to access the situation or speak to the injured cyclist or motorist (who were then both at the Summit Parking lot). She gave me the 1st Aid Kit.” 

2.) In addition, according to multiple cyclists,"there were NO Park Aides at North or South Gate Kiosks" to provide the Mandatory Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory  to the driver who hit Brian! "This is the Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory that is provided at the entrance kiosks, if there is a Park Aide on duty to provide it."

  • Only pass cyclists at designated passing zones and at Bike Turnouts
  • Expect descending cyclists, pedestrians and animals in the roadway
  • Take your time and drive safely