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Please read, sign and share the petition regarding the installation of additional Bike Turnouts. Your signatures will prevent collisions and save lives!!!  Please share your comments with us, we welcome your advice, thanks!

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Our mission is to improve safety for cyclists and motorists on the roads of Mount Diablo. Here are some relevant facts: on a typical weekend day, up to 500 drivers share the roads with approximately 700 cyclists; last year over 150,000 cyclists rode up Mount Diablo; the majority of the vehicles on Mount Diablo are now bicycles!

Mount Diablo Cyclists has worked hard over the past three years on our mission. A solid, double-yellow centerline has replaced the broken, single-yellow centerline over the 18 miles of narrow-windy roadway on the mountain with over 300 curves. Advisory signs, including “Do Not Pass Bikes On Blind Curves,” now assist motorists and cyclists. Most recently, 13 Bike Turnouts have been constructed.

Surveys of cyclists and motorists, and videotape footage support the positive effect of these safety improvements. A Bike Turnout allows a motorist to pass a cyclist without crossing the centerline, and into the downhill lane, seriously threatening a descending cyclist who cannot be seen in time to avoid a collision. The first 13 Bike Turnouts have been applauded by both motorists and cyclists. Bike Turnouts have the potential to significantly reduce the number of collisions, serious injuries and possible fatalities!


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