Call (916) 358-0333 to Report a Near-Miss Collision, Road Hazard or Unlawful Activities

Bicycle Descending Technique

We have been observing how riders descend the mountain. The Vast majority of riders are putting themselves in danger without knowing it. Please consider practicing this descending technique. Which, if done correctly will give you a vastly improved chance of avoiding a head on collision with a vehicle that has crossed the Solid Double Yellow Line. The majority of all Mount Diablo State Park Collisions occur on or near Blind Curves.

Essentially, start out near the centerline as you approach the Blind Curve, then as you come through the apex of the curve, you should be as close to the ditch as possible and safe. In the image, notice the difference in the lines. We hope this descending technique helps you avoid an injury and prevent a collision!

Mount Diablo State Park Cycling Safety Tips

  1. Dial “911” immediately to report a medical emergency.
  2. Report a Near-Miss Collision, Road Hazard or unlawful activities: call (916)358-0333.
  3. Descend at or below the posted speed limit and stay as far to the right as practicable.
  4. Do not wave-on vehicles to pass you.
  5. Call out, "On Your Left" when passing other cyclists.
  6. Ride single file when vehicles are present.
  7. On blind curves – Also ride single file, as far to the right as possible as if expecting a vehicle in your lane when descending.
  8. Do not wear earphones in both ears, it is illegal; be aware of your surroundings.
  9. Pull over and stop to allow emergency (siren) vehicles to pass you safely.
  10. Don't stand in the road at the Junction Ranger Station, as it creates a traffic hazard for vehicles and cyclists.
  11. All cyclists MUST STOP at STOP signs.

Approved by Supervising Ranger: 2016