CALL TO ACTION: All Cyclists and Friends, we need 10 minutes or less of your time to save the life of a friend, mother, father, son, brother, husband, wife... Someone from our cycling community! Our biggest and most important undertaking to date - the Funding of 77 Bike Turnouts Project#2019-05 in Mount Diablo State Park.

Your immediate help is critical. Please read below and follow the steps to have your voice heard. Our elected representatives are waiting to hear from you. They will help find the funding if they receive several thousand letters from us all. We need everyone to participate in order for this campaign to be successful.

Send a letter(helpful information provided below, to help you create and send this letter), share this link with your clubs and friends and make a comment on this post once you've responded. PLEASE HELP US PREVENT A COLLISION AND SAVE A LIFE!

"Tell your State Representatives: Fund the 77 Bike Turnout Project #2019-05 in Mount Diablo State Park!"

Use the official links below to contact All Three elected representatives!

(Include your personal experience, Sample letter & Videos below)

(Visit to Read the Entire Plan)

1. State Senator Steve Glazer - To send comments use this official link

2. Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan - To send comments use this official link

3. Assemblymember Tim Grayson - To send comments use this official link

Please Include in Your Letter to Elected Representatives:

  1. "Fund 77 Bike Turnout Project #2019-05 in Mount Diablo State Park" to prevent injuries or possible fatalities.
  2. Your Personal Experience (years of riding, near-miss collisions, why you want Bike Turnouts)
  3. Only Two or Three Bullet comments from Sample Letter Below

  • In order to prevent future serious injuries or fatalities, it is urgent for the 77 Bike Turnout Project #2019-05 in Mount Diablo State Park to be funded as soon as possible!
  • Near-Miss collisions between motorists and cyclists on Mount Diablo occur repeatedly every day on the roads of Mount Diablo. On a typical weekend day, up to 500 drivers share these roads with approximately 700 cyclists. The annual number of cars, trucks and bicycles visiting the Park may now number more than 400,000, and according to Park staff, "the majority of vehicles on Mount Diablo are bicycles." Motor vehicles travel faster uphill than cyclists; they want to pass.
  • After analyzing information acquired through Public Records Act requests, including over 200 Traffic Collision Reports, as well as surveys of motorists and cyclists, and literally hundreds of videos filmed in the Park, we believe that it is not a question of if, but when the next Bike vs. Vehicle Collision will occur.
  • The next collision will most likely occur at or near a blind curve and result in a serious injury or a fatality. According to Park leadership and supported by the responses in our Motorist Surveys, "most motorists entering the Park have never been to Mount Diablo before and are unaware that they will share the narrow, winding roads with hundreds of cyclists." Cyclists completing a recent survey reported a total of 336 unsafe passes on blind curves in one day!
  • Bike Turnouts were created in 2016 through a joint effort of Mount Diablo Cyclists and State Parks to allow motorists to pass uphill-bound cyclists. Three Pilot Bike Turnouts were initially installed. These were determined to be effective, and ten more were constructed in the following year.
  • Unfortunately, and despite the fact that these 13 Bike Turnouts are used daily by cyclists, no additional Bike Turnouts have been added since 2017. State Parks budgeted only $40,000 for 3 to 4 bike turnouts in FY 19/20, promising to install them by March or April 2020. At that rate, it will take nearly 20 years to complete the project. That lack of commitment to improve safety is absolutely unacceptable.
  • These Bike Turnouts are supported by local elected leaders, Park staff and volunteers, the California Highway Patrol, Bike East Bay and other cycling organizations, and a petition with over 3,300 signatures. Surveys of motorists and cyclists and video images all support the potential of these new Bike Turnouts to significantly and permanently reduce the possibility of collisions, injuries, and fatalities.

Bike Turnout Videos



Mount Diablo State Park & Mount Diablo Cyclists Meeting Agenda: March 28, 2019

(Alan Kalin, COL USA(Ret.), President Mount Diablo Cyclists, Ryen Goering, Public Safety Superintendent, Cameron Morrison, Supervising Ranger, Monte Rowan, Chief of Maintenance, Eddie Guaracha, Diablo Range District Superintendent, Linda Kwong, Secretary Mount Diablo Cyclists)

1.) When will State Parks Approve and Fund the 15 Highest Priority Bike Turnouts__________? (Ref: 48/68 Bike Turnouts Identified in 2017, NO Bike Turnouts Approved or Funded in 2018 or 2019, Letter - 15 Highest Priority Bike Turnout Locations dated 11/28/18. Bike Turnouts are supported byelected leaders, Mount Diablo State Park Staff and volunteers, the California Highway Patrol, Bike East Bay and other cycling organizations, and a petition with over 3,300 signatures. Surveys from motorists and cyclists alike, and video images all support the potential of Bike Turnouts to significantly reduce collisions, injuries, and possibly fatalities. We believe that the ultimate goal of preventing a Bike vs Vehicle Collision, and the potentially fatal consequences thereof, more than justifies the investment.

2.) When will permanent signs and striping be installed on all 13 of the current Bike Turnouts_______? (Ref: In 2016, Park Leadership and Mount Diablo Cyclists collaborated to design and install 3 Bike Turnouts as a pilot study. In September 2017, we collaborated with Park Leadership to identify locations with sufficient pavement to install 10 more Bike Turnouts for a total cost of less than $5,000. Finally, after a letter from State Senator Glazer and Assemblywoman Baker, these 10 were installed in February 2018. Email, Ryen Goering, "Permanent signs have been ordered with our Sign Shop in Sacramento, we hope to have them delivered to us by 2/28/18 and installed by 3/3/31/18."

3.) When will the Verbal Motorist Safety Advisory be given to all motorists__________? (Ref: Mandated by State Parks in 2017, Cyclist (1/1/18) and Motorist (2017) Surveys). According to Park Leadership and supported by responses in Motorists Surveys: "most motorists entering the Park have never been to Mount Diablo before and are unaware that they will share the narrow winding roads with hundreds of cyclists."Providing a brief but thorough VMSA to all drivers is a top priority.  The two entrance Kiosks are staffed just over one-half of the hours that the Park is open. Therefore, thousands of motorists enter the Park every year without the opportunity to hear the VMSA.In addition, many of the Park Aides only paraphrase a few words of the VMSA to motorists.

4.) When will Rangers turn on the siren for all vehicle (bicycle) pursuits__________? (Ref: California Dep of Parks and Rec CA Policy Manual, Policy #315, Vehicle Pursuits (pages 127-138), MDSP Traffic Collision Report (3/27/18), collision video, letter (10/25/18) Ref: Bike vs Vehicle Collision and witness statements.

5.)When will Rangers start issuing citations to motorists for crossing solid double centerline, passingon blind curves or violating the 3ft rule __________? (Ref: Public Records Act request, 6 citationsissued in 2017 and only 5 citationsissued in 2018). In 2018, NOT a single citationissued to amotorist for crossing the solid double centerline, passing on ablind curve or violating the 3ft rule! (Ref: citations issued from 2010 to 2018 -- Cyclists were significantly more likely to receive a citation than a motorist).

6.) When will Rangers patrol the roads, especially South Gate Road on Saturday mornings and issue warnings to motorists for crossing solid double centerline, passing on blind curves or violating the 3ft rule __________? (Ref: Video Potential Bike Turnout Location#12, 14 Vehicles Passing Cyclists at this location and 3 Near-Miss Bike vs Vehicle Collisions)

7.) When will State Parks publish Over Sized Vehicle Guidance for MDSP _________? (Ref: Children/Bus Videos, Meetings with State Parks, CHP and Media Stories - May/Aug 2018). Email Aug 8, 2018, Marivel Barajas; "the Department is taking this opportunity to review how it handles bus school trips and identify improvements."

8.) When will State Parks respond in writing, to the letter sent to Lisa Mangat, Director California State Parks __________? (Ref: Letter dated 11/20/18, Marivel Barajas promised to respond in writing at meeting in Sacramento 11/26/18 and again in email on Dec 20, 2018; "Parks will be providing a response to the letter that Mount Diablo Cyclists (MDC) sent to Director Mangat."

9.) When will State Parks provide guidance to Park Aides to accurately count cyclists (Free Day Use)____________? (Ref: State Parks Statistical Reports, MDSP Visitor Count Reports and MDC Reports from 2014 to 2018.  Use of an electronic counter has been proposed previously).