Oct 30, 2018, Pre-Decision Draft 77 Bike Turnouts PEF

(Project Evaluation Form) "Not Approved or Funded" 

This is a Significant Accomplishment! 

According to State Park Leadership, the "Pre-Decision Draft 77Bike Turnout PEF" "will go through the following process:"

  • "Submitted to Bay Area District Environmental Coordinator for Conceptual Review."
  • "PEF will go through Conceptual Review (within next two weeks) to determine if any adjustments need to be made prior to final submission."
  • "PEF final will be submitted mid Nov. for Specialists review."
  • "A Notice of Exemption (NOE) is anticipated for the project but will be determined after full Specialist Review."
  • "After NOE is issued, State Parks, depending on the availability of resources and staffing may begin construction activities."
  • "State Parks anticipates that some site preparation (tree trimming, sign moving, sign installation, grading, etc.) could be performed by local State Parks staff, pending Park task scheduling.  Once site is prepared, paving and striping would then be ready to go once funded."
  • "Project was also submitted in PID (Project Infrastructure Database)for State funding consideration.  The full project was submitted.  Funds are not committed at this time.  Estimated cost $1,010,500.00."
  • "Striping (exempt from CEQA) specifications for the turnouts will be developed by December 31st to be ready for any or all funded turnouts.  Each turnout will include entry and exit striping to communicate and encourage use by bicyclists."
  • "PEF is a form and checklist used solely by the Department to initiate environmental review of projects, and to record specialist input on the potential impacts of Departmental projects. It serves to document CEQA compliance for exempt projects, and may contribute to or support a decision to proceed with a Negative Declaration, Notice of Exemption, Mitigated Negative Declaration, or Environmental Impact Report."

"Next Steps:" "We would like to set a time for us to meet again as a group to go over these documents and get yourinput.We will also be sharing other documents that we will present to the group, but are still being worked on." "We hope to schedule the meeting sometime next month in Sacramento."

The PEF has NOT BEEN APPROVED OR FUNDED! Special Thanks to the Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, State Senator Steve Glazer, Danville Town Council member Karen Stepper and the over 3,000 supporters who signed the Petition to Install Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo. We look forward to working with State Parks on this essential project to improve the safety for All who enjoy the roads on Mount Diablo. We believe that the ultimate goal of preventing Bike vs Vehicle Collisions, and the potentially fatal consequences thereof, more than justifies the investment. Many of these potential Bike Turnouts locations are where past collisions  have occurred and will occur again if we do not act quickly to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo.