48 Potential Bike Turnout Locations!

On September 1st & 7th, 2017, Park Leadership and Mount Diablo Cyclists identified 48 potential locations for Bike Turnouts. In December 2017, Park Leadership added an additional 29 locations, for a total of 77. We believe that the ultimate goal of preventing Bike vs Vehicle Collisions, and the potentially fatal consequences thereof, more than justifies the investment.

Many of these potential Bike Turnouts locations are where past collisions (160+) have occurred and will occur again if we do not act quickly to install Bike Turnouts on the roads of Mount Diablo.

  • When in 2018 will State Parks install 10 additional Bike Turnouts on the most dangerous blinds curves?
  • When will State Parks install permanent signs at the 13 existing Bike Turnouts?
  • When will State Parks approve and fund the MDSP Bike Turnout Plan?