Celebrate 45 Bike Turnouts on Mount Diablo

UPDATE: (9/14/22): We conducted a GPS Latitude/Longitude survey and confirmed 45 Bike Turnouts NOT 48 on Mount Diablo. The discrepancy between 48 and 45 is because California State Parks added asphalt to a few existing Bike Turnouts and counted them twice. South Gate Road = 17, North Gate Road = 16 and Summit Road = 12.  Mount Diablo has installed 28 new and 17 old bike turnouts.

Please join us at Curry Point, MDSP, to celebrate this significant safety improvement at 11 AM on October 15, 2022. Ride your bike! The short ceremony, featuring dedicated cyclists, elected officials, and MDSP staff, is a media event to recognize and celebrate the completion of the new bike turnouts. Please come and show your support for these safety improvements for cyclists and motorists in the park. Plan to stay for the group photo after the ceremony. 

Curry Point is approximately 3.5 miles up South Gate Road. There will be two public parking areas for cars (see map below) where a Park Shuttle Van will pick up participants every 10 min. Bike parking for cyclists and Special Guests will be at Curry Point.  Arrive early!  Special Thanks to TREK Bicycle for providing a Repair Van with two bike mechanics, and bike racks, and Valley Spokesmen Bicycle club for providing water. Special Thanks to California State Parks for providing logical support, setup, and traffic control.

Bike Turnout Ceremony Poster(JPEG)

45 Bike Turnouts

 45 Bike Turnouts UPDATE: (9/14/22): We conducted a GPS Latitude/Longitude survey and confirmed 45 Bike Turnouts NOT 48 on Mount…



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